Nokia at Bangalore, India

Client:Nokia Projects
Project:Bangalore, India
Value:8.0 Crore INR
Programme:August 06 – December 07

A Nokia project which was initiative in 2006. Out of the prime Commercial Hubs in the millennium city, Bangalore.
The building spread to an area of 220,000 sqft. and stand at 8 storey high. Hi Tech Engineers were involved in the project as a prime stakeholder to complete all electrical low side installations.

Hi Tech Engineer’s Contribution

Hi Tech Engineers is engaged to provide complete end to end electrical solutions. Our principal tasks include:-

  • LT Cabling & Termination with Cable trays
  • LInternal Wiring
  • Internal Wiring
  • Internal / External Lighting
  • Fire Alarm / CCTV System
  • Light Fixtures
  • LT Panel / Floor Panel